August 24 – September 22
Das Flache Land
Arbeiten auf Papier
transl. The flat land / works on paper
Solo exhibition
Gallery Klaus Braun, Stuttgart DE







April 14 – May 1
Light and Heavy  solo exhibition
[ Kunstraumno.10 ]
Since more than 23 years
Andreas Beumers M.A. and Dr Judith Dahmen-Beumers
are making exhibitions at Matthiasstrasse 10 in Mönchengladbach DE.
Open: Fri. 17.00 – 19.00h; Sat. and Sun. 14.00- 16.30h. May 1: 14.00- 16.30h
Publication: Light and Heavy. available.

photo: 2024-L6. Light and Heavy. oil on linen, 90 x 35 cm. photo peter cox




August 26 – October 15
Cultural Heritage Agency  (RCE – Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed)  and EST art foundation collaborated to create:
RCE + EST: when concrete, minimal and media art come together

Within this exhibition two collections are merged and engage in dialogue with each other.
The exhibition is curated by Laura Robustella.
EST art foundation, Papegaaisbolwerk 20, Leiden 
Artists: Bob Bonies, Peter Struycken, Jan van Munster, Mirja de Vries, Fred Wessels†, Toni Burgering†, Arie Berkulin, Tomas Rajlich, herman de vries, Maria Hees and Bert Schutter, Henriëtte van ’t Hoog, José Heerkens, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Jasper van der Graaf, Iemke van Dijk and Guido Winkler. [photo: Written Colours. oil on linen, 80 x 160 cm]


January 21 – July 2
Solo exhibition at
Otterlo NL

info nederlands:
info english:
photo: 2022-L10. Pilgrimage. oil on linen, 150 x 150 cm. photo peter cox
. Book: Colour – Free and Connected
. Texts: Jurriaan Benschop, Dr Wita Noack. The texts are in English, German, Dutch
. Design: Irma Boom,  Anna Moschioni
. Published by Kröller-Müller Museum



Springvossen: Robert van Altena talking with José Heerkens.

NRC – review + interview by Dirk Limburg: Het ritme van de bomen zit in mijn schilderijen

8Weekly – review by Els van Swol. Kijken, kijken en nog eens kijken

Zout Magazine – Zout op ZATERDAG by Mat van der Heijden: Geen uitleg nodig



April 21- May 21
de/ cipher
– second edition –
Arti & Amicitiae Amsterdam
On the semiotic interplay of encoding and decoding and their translation into lines, shapes, colors, patterns, signs, symbols.
Curated by Dr. Susannah Cremer-Bermbach
Opening Friday April 21, 7 – 10 pm. Welcome.
Public Program:
Saturday April 22:
2 pm: séance by Paul Goede
3 pm: talk of curator Dr Susannah Cremer-Bermbach and artists
Friday April 28
4 pm – Timo Berndt (DE) – Literature-performance A  und B leuchten im Klee – Poetry as sound and subtle play with language.
Sunday 21 May – finissage – 2.30 pm – Jane Brucker & Jeremy Wasser (USA/D) – Unravel performance

The exhibition is supported by the Goethe-Institut, G.K.G. Bonn, Culture Moves Europe


January 22 – April 16
de/cipher – first edition –
Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung
, Bonn DE

On the semiotic interplay of encoding and decoding and their translation into lines, shapes, colors, patterns, signs, symbols.
Curated by Dr. Susannah Cremer-Bermbach
presented with works by José Heerkens, Gracia Khouw, Johanna Reich, Marjorie Welish.
complemented and deepened by objects, works on paper, video, artists’ books and works and performances dedicated to the acoustic aspect of language by: Carlo Battisti (I), Jane Brucker/Jeremy Wasser (USA/D), Julia Bünnagel (D), Paul Goede (NL), Keti Kapanadze (Georgia/D), Naho Kawabe (Japan/D), Jochen Gerz (D/F), Wjm Kok (NL), Joseph Kosuth (USA), Tatjana Macič (NL), Vera Molnar (HU/F), Franz Mon (D), Gonzalo Reyes Araos (Chile/D), Takako Saito (Japan/D), Eva-Maria Schön (D), Anita Stöhr-Weber (D), Ulrich Wagner (D), Peter Wüthrich (CH).
Address: Hochstadenring 22 – D-53111 Bonn

Catalog de/cipher in GKG is available, price of the catalog is 7 euro

December 2022 – February 2023
Accrochage 2022
drj art projects

Berlin DE
by appointment


Esther Stocker [IT] • Alain Biltereyst [BE] • Hartmut Böhm [† DE] • Monika Brandmeier [DE] • Jan van Munster [NL] • Anette Haas [DE] • Yasuaki Kuroda [JP] • Susan York [US] • Michael Rouillard [US] • Denise Winter [DE] • Carlo Battisti [IT] • Carles Valverde [ES/CH] • Aiko Tezuka [JP] • Wolfgang Berndt [DE] • Nils-Simon Fischer [DE] • Justina Moncevičiūtė [LT] • Daniel Göttin [CH] • Siegfried Kreitner [DE] • Samantha Bittman [US] • Gilbert Hsiao [US] • Joseph Shetler [US] • Peter Weber [DE] • Douglas Allsop [GB] • Don Voisine [US] • José Heerkens [NL] • Natalie Reusser [CH] • Sarah Smolders [BE] • Brigitte Schwacke [DE] • Julius Stahl [DE] • Daniela Comani [IT] • Jan Maarten Voskuil [NL] • Friederike von Rauch [DE] • H. Frank Taffelt [DE] • David Semper [DE] • Ray Malone [IE] • Willem Besselink [NL] • Matthew Hawtin [CA] • Cedric Christie [GB] • Anna Kubelik [CH] +  Oliver Schmid [CH] • Lucía Simón Medina [ES] • Fernanda Fragateiro [PT] • Oliver Siebeck [DE] • Hellmut Bruch [AT] • Matthew Deleget [US]

photo: 2021-X24. Morning Light. Brilliant paint on plywood with a milled line, 20 x 25 x 2,7 cm



August 28 – October 16
Farbmalereipositionen  –  Niederlande
Verein für aktuelle Kunst / Ruhrgebiet, Oberhausen DE
Exhibition with 15 Dutch painters

more information:


photo: 2021-L35. Pilgrimage. oil on linen, 150 x 150 cm



Catalog: Farbmalereipositionen – Niederlande. Texts Dr. Peter Lodermeyer, Dr. Wilfried Darlath.
Publisher: Verein für aktuelle Kunst/ Ruhrgebiet e.V.

July 6 – July 10
Art Karlsruhe
Galerie Klaus Braun  –  Halle 1 Stand E22

photo: 2019-L17. Notation. oil on linen, 35 x 35 cm. photo Willem Kuijpers






2022: Exhibition at nonsofia BG

March 31- May 31
the end of the beginning
group exhibition
nonsofia gallery and archive
Sofia BG


Three-part publication
geometry in sculture and painting
Carles Valverde >< José Heerkens
drj art projects Berlin DE











October 21 – November 6
RAUMX – London U.K.
Lucinda Burgess – José Heerkens
Opening: Thursday October 21
the exhibition is open Saturdays
and by appointment
more information:






Zoom talk with José Heerkens, Lucinda Burgess and Martina Geccelli hosted by Bartha Contemporary, London U.K.

October 2 -October 31
Group exhibition
Schlessart, Bergen (N.H.) The Netherlands
to celebrate 11 years of exhibitions at Voert 18 A.
For detailed information:
Opening: October 2, 16.00 – 18.00h



Catalog José Heerkens
exhibition at Gallery Klaus Braun in Stuttgart DE
Interview and text: Dr. Katja Nellmann

22 x 21 cm, 48 pages
ISBN 978-3-948818-09-8
Publisher: Verlag Renate Brandes
Editor: Klaus Braun
August 2021
price 11,90 Euro – exclusive shipping costs







June 18 – August 28
Gallery Klaus Braun
Stuttgart DE
Artists: Rita Ernst – José Heerkens – Diet Sayler


2020-L39. Evensong. oil on linen, 150 x 150 cm
photo: Willem Kuijpers


Dr Helmut Orpel: The element of colour clearly stands out in the work of Dutch artist José Heerkens
( eng.transl.)




June 5 – July 4
Schlessart, Bergen NL
Artists: Nelleke Beltjens, José Heerkens, Bart Kelholt
Opening speech: Joke J. Hermsen, writer and philosopher


Article José Heerkens – Paint to Write
written by Valeria Ceregini, in Juliet art magazine, Italy
edition April – May,  20.04.2021


October 2020
Support of Mondriaan Fund,
the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage

November 19 2020 – January 10 2021
“My Answer” in the exhibition Artist’s Call
Museum Belvedère
Oranje Nassaulaan 12

8448 MT HeerenveenNL

Invited by the museum, artists have created a work the size of a mobile phone.
The works are exhibited in the museum and for sale.


X22. Color Formation. oil on plywood, 20 x 25, 2,7 cm
Unique made edition of 5 works
for Edition Rote Insel – drj art projects in Berlin DE.

SWIM LANE I, a sequence of colour
25 numbered unique works, 24 x 14 cm
oil on masonite. 2018-2020


Clarinetist Peter Koetsveld improvises
on paintings Written Colours
Invitation to listen:

THE ART SECTION. An Online Journal of Art and Cultural Commentary
published a special issue on Josef Albers, in 2017.
José Heerkens wrote an article about Josef Albers and color:
Color is a Whole World—color

April 4 – April 17
Projectspace M54
Basel CH
RUNDLAUF eine Herzensangelegenheit
Curated by Susanne Lyner


Publication RUNDLAUF. Texts of artist Susanne Lyner (CH) and arthistorian Heike Sütter (DE).
The exhibition has been canceled because of covid-19 pandemic


December 7 2019 – February 1 2020
Gallery Christoph Abbühl
Solothurn CH
artists: Nikola Dimitrov, José Heerkens, Susan Hodel, Sasha Saari, Takashi Suzuki
photo: 2018-L14. Notation. oil on linen, 35 x 35 cm


November 29 2019 – January 18 2020
drj art projects Berlin DE
X21. Color Formation.
 oil on plywood, 20 x 25, 2,7 cm
Unique made edition of 5 works 
for Edition Rote Insel – drj art projects

October 19

RNOA Biennale of Sydney
curator and essay: Billy Gruner, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Visual arts critical theory
The stores building, North Parramatta 

September 26 – September 29
Art on Paper with Art Gallery O-68

photo:  from Pilgrimage Letter Rhythm, 2019 

September 12 – September 15
drj art projects presents CENTURY. idee bauhaus
as thematic special exhibition at POSITIONS Berlin art fair.
Flughafen Tempelhof
Berlin DE

June 8 – August 31
Gallery Klaus Braun
Stuttgart DE
In July and August by appointment
Artists: Dieter Balzer, Rita Ernst, José Heerkens, Jan van der Ploeg, Diet Sayler, Günter Walter
photo: 2017-L78. Down the Wind. oil on linen, 60 x 60 cm

May 4 – June 15
Gallery Christoph Abbühl
Solothurn CH
Press: “Einfach und komplex” by Eva Buhrfeind in Schweiz am Sonntag, 25.05
photo: from the exhibition

April 28 – June 23
drj art projects 
Berlin DE
including Dutch artists:
Willem Besselink, Jasper van der Graaf, José Heerkens,
Sigmund de Jong, Jan van Munster,  Rob de Oude, Jan Maarten Voskuil

March 31 – September 29
Museum für Konkrete Kunst / MKK
Ingolstadt DE
photo: catalog cover

March 27 – April 14
Kyiv Non Objective
curated by Myroslav Vayda
ILKO Gallery
Uzhhorod City, UA


March 22 –July 12
6 artists – curated by Piet Augustijn and Arie Brinkman
Opening: April 12 at 7.30 p.m.
Stadhuis Gorinchem
Gorinchem NL
photo: 2016. Evensong. oil on linen, 150 x 150 cm


January 25 – March 29 
Gallery Klaus Braun

Stuttgart DE

Art Karlsruhe – one artist show. February 21 – 24. Catalog

Text of Alex de Vries
Schilderijen die ademen – atelierbezoek: José Heerkens  (transl.: Paintings that breathe – studiovisit: José Heerkens)
Published on Mister Motleyé-heerkens

Artist book ‘Upon The Long River’
Watercolours, made during the artist-residence at
The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Bethany CT, USA

work, text, concept: José Heerkens
design: Robbert Zweegman
photography: Willem Kuijpers
print: Thoben Offset Nijmegen


ISBN/EAN  978 90 806462 4 7
cover + 24 pages, all images full colour, size: 22 x 17 cm

Artist book Meet me in Brooklyn
The works Meet me in Brooklyn, acrylics on cardboard, are made during the artist-residence at
The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Bethany CT, USA

work, text, concept: José Heerkens
design: Robbert Zweegman
photography: Willem Kuijpers, Alexander Adams.
print: Thoben Offset Nijmegen
cover + 36 pages. 31 images, full colour.
ISBN 978 90 806462 0 9

Included in the Brokken – Zijp Foundation
2018: GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen.
Exhibition Ongebonden – artists books 1/3
April 2012: Video Meet me in Brooklyn
The video is shown:
2018. GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen, during the exhibition Ongebonden- artists books 1/3
Sarah Klein (USA) curated the video ‘Meet me in Brooklyn’ for screening programs:
Transmitter, Brooklyn, New York, USA. May 2, 2017
Doppler Shift Expanded. Visual Art Center of New Jersey 2014
Quad, Derby UK. December 2013
Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX, US, September 2013
Texas State, San Marcos, TX, US, September 2013
Woman and Their Work, Austin, TX, US, September 2013
Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Healdsburg, CA, US, March 2013
Artist Television Access, San Francisco, CA, US, February 2013
Sheridan Fulmer Library, Sheridan, WY, US, January 2013
Interface Gallery, Oakland, CA, US, January 2013
Studio Quercus, Oakland, CA, US, October, 2012