October 2020
Support of Mondriaan Fund –
the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage –
to realize upcoming projects.

3 november – end of December
“My Answer” in the exhibition Artist’s Call
Museum Belvedère
Oranje Nassaulaan 12

8448 MT HeerenveenNL

Invited by the museum, artists have created a work the size of a mobile phone.
The works are exhibited in the museum and for sale.


X22. Color Formation. oil on plywood, 20 x 25, 2,7 cm
Unique made edition of 5 works
for Edition Rote Insel – drj art projects in Berlin DE.

SWIM LANE I, a sequence of colour
25 numbered unique works, 24 x 14 cm
oil on masonite. 2018-2020


Clarinetist Peter Koetsveld improvises
on paintings Written Colours


THE ART SECTION. An Online Journal of Art and Cultural Commentary
published a special issue on Josef Albers, in 2017.
José Heerkens wrote an article about Josef Albers and color: Color is a Whole World 

„An abstract painting will react to you if you react to it. You get from it what you bring to it.
It will meet you half way but no further. It is alive if you are. It represents something and so do you.
You, Sir, are a space too”
Ad Reinhardt (1913 – 1967) in How to Look at Art, in Arts & Architecture, January 1947

April 4 – April 17
Projectspace M54
Basel CH
RUNDLAUF eine Herzensangelegenheit
Curated by Susanne Lyner


Publication RUNDLAUF. Texts of artist Susanne Lyner (CH) and arthistorian Heike Sütter (DE).
The exhibition has been canceled because of covid-19 pandemic


December 7 2019 – February 1 2020
Gallery Christoph Abbühl
Solothurn CH
artists: Nikola Dimitrov, José Heerkens, Susan Hodel, Sasha Saari, Takashi Suzuki
photo: 2018-L14. Notation. oil on linen, 35 x 35 cm


November 29 2019 – January 18 2020
drj art projects Berlin DE
X21. Color Formation.
 oil on plywood, 20 x 25, 2,7 cm
Unique made edition of 5 works 
for Edition Rote Insel – drj art projects